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But on returning, as I did recently, the effect is disorienting: this is a place where everyone is cheerfully convinced of the rationality of their insanity. I was never immune to this. In school, everyone was perplexed by race problems. We weren’t racist. How could we be when there weren’t any black people? We ignored that in Rockford, Illinois, ten miles away, desegregation lawsuits were impossibly still grinding through the court system. Likewise, we firmly believed that gay people weren’t something we had; we learned we’d had a Jewish family in our town only after they’d safely escaped.
Paris Review – Illinois Jesus, Dan Visel

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6. Modules — Python 3.4.1 documentation

Attention doc writers: Python has mastered doc formatting. One can easily create a hyperlink to subsections, the sidebar allows mousewheeling within it, the TOC is always visible unless you dismiss it, search works, one can easily change the version of the language, code samples are colored, marked up, and with a click are copy-pastable.

Really lovely work.