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Bernie Madoff

I’m reading The Quants by Scott Patterson. In 1991 Ed Thorp was working as a consultant for a pension fund when he realized one of their investments, in Bernie Madoff, was a fraud. He convinced them to sell. The trades were clearly fabricated, for example they claimed to have bought 120+ options of a certain type, when only 20 changed hands that day.

In 1991

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With the extra money that the Royals are making from this deep playoff run (estimated at as much as $12 million), they just might re-sign Shields instead of letting him walk. He’ll almost certainly get a qualifying offer, which means if he does leave, KC gets a draft pick to help re-stock their deep system.
Will The Cubs Ever Be The Royals? - Bleed Cubbie Blue

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Before the launch of car-booking apps, the travel options for women were limited. If they could afford it, women would employ full-time drivers at a cost of about $500 a month, or hail taxis in the street, an act that is socially frowned-upon in the Islamic country. Taxis can be smelly and in poor condition, with broken seat belts and meters, all deterring women.
Ban on Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia Gives Taxi Apps A Boost - WSJ