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On July 30, 2013, Bockhahn’s closest associate was on the phone in her house in the northern city of Rostock when the conversation was suddenly interrupted. She was alarmed when she glanced at her display. The phone, a Windows Phone 8X, seemingly operated by an invisible hand, had searched through her texting communications with Bockhahn. Then the device’s email program was opened without the phone’s owner being able to stop it. According to her account, emails specifically related to the parliament control panel appeared on her display. She insisted that a hacker was browsing through the documents. It may be a coincidence, but at the time the committee had been briefed about the NSA scandal almost weekly in closed-door meetings — and Bockhahn was one of the most vocal German critics of the global espionage operation.
Hunting American Spooks: A Palpable Sense of Insecurity - SPIEGEL ONLINE