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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Spreadsheet | FiveThirtyEight

I pre-ordered the book, it landed on my kindle today. Looking forward to it because I find this guy’s writing as persuasive and insightful as Kahneman. He helps me answer the question, “Who am I?”

As for the eye-popping charts about the age of people straight men and women are attracted to, the interesting question is, do these results mean men are less moral than women in who they are attracted to? Saying, “this is a desire I was born with” doesn’t excuse it, because we withhold acting on all sorts of inappropriate impulses all the time. If men were attracted to women their own age, then desires would align and there would be plenty of dates for everyone… right?

Now I remember why I don’t write about such general interest topics… it’s a minefield and there are no good solutions.

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Why do the thieves need Social Security and date of birth information? Countless banks in the United States let customers change their PINs with a simple telephone call, using an automated call-in system known as a Voice Response Unit (VRU).

In Wake of Confirmed Breach at Home Depot, Banks See Spike in PIN Debit Card Fraud — Krebs on Security

Pay attention to this if you ever use a debit card in the US. These big-box retailers are not secure, and their networks are often hacked. That means to keep yourself safe, you need to use cash, even for big purchases. Getting your identity stolen is very expensive, and the crime is rarely punished even when you find the culprit.